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When was the last time that you felt completely cared for, controlled, and able to let go? A strict, loving Mommy may be just the thing you need. Do you prefer forced regression or loving, gentle regression? What are your favorite kinds of adult diapers? Do you have a diaper fetish? Perhaps you’re a sissy who requires training. I would love to get to know you and offer my skills and services as a Mommy. You are hereby invited to get to know me through my site and submit a session application. If you’re a good boy (or girl or sissy or what-have-you), you will merit an invitation to my decadent, private adult baby nursery in Oakland or even a daring age play outing.

You can be stripped of your trappings of adulthood and put back into thick, crinkly diapers; a snuggly onesie; baby mitts; booties; and even into adult-sized nursery furniture. For those age players, Littles, sissies, and diaper lovers who enjoy the darker corner of the nursery, I offer domestic discipline, spanking, enemas, and other, creative punishments with nursery restraints, pacifier gags, and more. I specialize in elaborate role play and creating fully-immersive, theatrical experiences, so that you can simply give me your limitations, then lose yourself in your ABDL fantasy.

💖💋🍼A fantasy is a wish your heart makes.🍼💋💖

What is Mommy Penny Like?

Curious, aren’t you? I’d be curious about the person who was going to be diapering and disciplining me, too. What am I like?

I’m feminine, controlling, affectionate, devious, ethical, seductive, and strict–everything that an adult baby could hope for in a Mommy.


TinyStarsFeminine I adore everything lacy, frilly, satiny, sexy, and sweet. This is reflected in my wardrobe and meticulous grooming. Pear earrings, pedicures, lingerie,  high heels, and vintage-style dresses are the norm for me. I choose perfumes based on how I’m feeling that day. My go-to is a vanilla body spray, but I also enjoy Love’s Baby Soft for when I’m feeling saccharine. I don a baby powder scent when I know that I’m going to encounter a little diaper fetishist who is ruled by the widdle bulge in his diaper. If you have a request for a type of attire, you can make it when you apply for a session. My wardrobe also includes fetish items, like latex and leather, boots, and costumes and uniforms. I do enjoy playing as a fetish Mommy!

TinyStarsControlling I know what I want and I’m going to get it from you. If I want you to do something, I will tell you and there will be no confusion–and I want you to submit, to be diapered, and to behave for Mommy. I’ve been active in the Dominant-submissive lifestyle since 2003, when I turned 18. I don’t mess about. Being new or inexperienced is no excuse for failure to comply with my rules. Some people say that adult baby boys and girls aren’t capable of adhering to protocol, but I disagree. You will call me Mommy. You will crawl at my feet. You will wet your diaper. Other rules will be issued as I see fit.

TinyStarsAffectionate Despite being a no-nonsense Mommy, I am also very sweet. I know that Littles and even diaper slaves need cuddles and affection, just like anyone else–usually more! I can lovingly change your diaper, stroke your hair, and dress you like a little doll. Bathtime and bedtime are my favorite opportunities to caress and care for my little diapered angels. If you’re very good, you may be spoiled in a special way.

TinyStarsDevious I’ve learned a trick or two over the years. If you’re able to let go and submit yourself to me, I will come up with creative ways to discipline and humiliate you. Will the threat of cruel and unusual punishment be enough to ensure good behavior? We’ll see, but I strongly doubt it. There are ways to make those crinkly diapers even more uncomfortable.

TinyStarsEthical Though I may be devious, I’m also very ethical. I don’t engage in play that is unsafe and I will always respect your limitations. We may work out a cute, fun safe word beforehand, or we may use the classics: Mercy, Red, and Yellow. We’ll have a chance to go over exactly what your safe words are and what they mean before we play. If at anytime you feel unsafe, are in unacceptable pain, or feel damaging emotional distress, we will stop play and I’ll do what I can to comfort you. I expect you to respect my limits as well. My limits are: no sex, no scat play, no competitive wrestling, no Roman showers. I want us both to have a lovely time and be eager to see one another again.

TinyStarsSeductive I fully embrace my seductive energy, and am often playful and flirty. One of the ways I like to flirt is by embarrassing you and teasing you. I like to see you smile and blush and squirm around in your diaper and cute little outfits. It’s amazing what a man will do if you just know how to ask him the right way. You can have him eating out of your hand–literally if you like! What could I seduce you into doing?

TinyStarsStrict I have high expectations for behavior. You won’t meet them. Not to worry, though! I’ll certainly enjoy correcting your behavior. You may or may not enjoy learning to behave as a proper young man, adult baby, or widdle sissy. Failure to meet my demands will result in discipline and I have, oh, so many deliciously cruel toys to punish you with! Spanking implements, predicament bondage restraints, embarrassing outfits–I find uses for them all!

What Does Mommy Penny Like About Adult Diapers & Age Play?

My favorite thing about diapers is probably that they’re embarrassing. I like how something so simple can make you blush and focus entirely on the thick, padded bulge between your legs. Suddenly you can’t just go out–or if you do, you have to worry about being caught. It’s even better if your diaper is soaking wet! I’ll laugh as I hold your hand through it all–if you’re good.

So precious and sweet, just as Mommy likes.

But I’m also a fetishist, which is why I prefer diapers that are especially crinkly, plasticy, and cute. My favorites are probably the Bambino Teddy diapers, which I try to keep stocked at all times. Other Bambino diapers, specifically the Bellissimo and Classico are close seconds. I enjoy Bambino Bianco diapers when I’m diapering you in my nurse persona as part of a medical fetish scene. I also sometimes stock Mollicare Super Plus Briefs. The were the first “luxury diaper” that I tried and I still enjoy using them immensely!

Role Play

While I usually enjoy role playing as Mommy, sometimes another role might be more suited to our unique dynamic. After all, variety is the spice of life! Don’t think of these roles as a restrictive list, but rather suggestions to help us find how we can best fit together. I also offer sessions that do not involve any role play.

I keep a large wardrobe, which includes sexy, fetish items as well. I have a large latex wardrobe and am currently adding to my leather wardrobe. You are also welcome to bring items along that you would like to see me in during our time together.


TinyStars Auntie Perhaps “Mommy” is a little too close to home. Auntie might be a better option. There’s still that delicious intimacy and that extra layer of humiliation when you wet your pants again and let me down. Of course, I might have to tell your Mommy about your accident…

TinyStars Babysitter Oh my! I didn’t know I was being hired to take care of an adult baby! Luckily I have some nice, big diapers that will fit you perfectly. The other sitters are sure to enjoy hearing about how I had to diaper you, bathe you, and give you your bottle. So much pee!

TinyStars Boss You had an accident in the middle of a very important meeting! You cost us a hugely important account! Well, I know exactly what disciplinary measures to take with you–ones that will ensure that you don’t embarrass yourself like that ever again. I’ll just make a note in your file that you’re a diaper-wearing adult baby.

TinyStars Daughter Daddy, why don’t you wear diapers? They’re so nice and soft and comfortable. They feel even better when you wet them. You know, I think this one will fit you. And I promise not to tell Mommy…

TinyStars Doctor Recurring bedwetting and nighttime emissions, hmm? Well, we’ll have to run some invasive tests, but in the meantime, here’s a prescription that should help: it’s for diapers. Wear two and call me in the morning!

TinyStars Mistress A good little submissive slave does whatever his Mistress wants and I want you to wear this thick, crinkly diaper. You look so innocent when you’re embarrassed! I know better, though: you’re a naughty little slave boy who probably likes wearing a diaper in front of a beautiful woman. It’s as good as a chastity device isn’t it? No one’s going to want to touch you. Of course, I could still force you to come in those diapers. And I think I will…right now.

TinyStars Mommy Your diaper’s wet again? Already? Well, we’d better change the stinky little adult baby. We don’t want you to get a diaper rash. Here’s a rattle for you to play with, and a pacifier. We don’t want you to squirm too much and make a mess. That’s Mommy’s little angel!

TinyStars Neighbor I can see you peeking at me through the windows while you masturbate. You certainly seem to like my panties. Well, if you don’t want me to tell your wife, you’re going to do whatever embarrassing thing I say, like, oh, dressing up like a baby, crawling around on the floor, and drinking from a bottle until you wet yourself! No, I’m not joking: here’s a diaper. Now, strip!

TinyStars Nurse Another wet diaper! You almost seem to like it when I have to come in here and change you. Sometimes I think you’re peeking down my uniform as I bend over you–and I’m not entirely sure that those erections are involuntary. Perhaps I’ll just get you all nice and slippery with this baby oil and milk you so that you’ll be satisfied! And remember: I only change wet diapers. You’ll have to sit in your own come until you can manage to pee again!

TinyStars Sister (older or younger) I found some diapers in the back of the closet! We could play Mommy and baby–or we could just try them on. I bet it would be, uh, funny. And I won’t tell Mom if you don’t. I’ll just lie down on this blanket on the floor and you can reach up under my skirt…

TinyStars Teacher I have a zero tolerance policy for pants-wetting! I’ve called your mother and she says that not only am I to spank you in front of the whole class, but you’re to wear nothing but a diaper until you learn to stay dry for at least a week. Now get out a sheet of paper and write, fifty times, “I am a diaper-wetting baby.”

TinyStars Therapist This obsession with diapers may not be usual, but it’s perfectly harmless. I suggest that we explore it a little. I brought a diaper that I will be putting on you, with lots of baby powder and some diaper rash cream. We might even put the Nova Pro hypnosis machine on you and do some real digging. Now, how does that make you feel?

TinyStars Wife Welcome home, dear. I made some changes to our bedroom. It’s more of a nursery now. Don’t you like it? I worked so hard getting all these diapers, pacifiers, and bottles in order. See, I thought it might help you to relax after a long day. I can just put your martini in a sippy cup, slip into a negligee, and take care of my sweet, adult baby husband!