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Penny Barber 💖 ABDL Mommy

I am currently on an indefinite hiatus from live sessions.

Please feel free to book me for a Skype session in the meantime.

Don’t you want to feel completely humiliated and regressed? Do you enjoy knowing that an authoritative, attractive woman is enjoying diapering and teasing you? Don’t you sometimes long for an ABDL Mommy? Perhaps you’re even a sissy girl who requires training and a pair of ruffled, bow-studded panties over your diaper.

I would love to offer my skills and services as an ABDL Mommy and humiliatrix. I invite you to get to know me through my site. If you’re a good boy (or girl or sissy or whatever-you-may-be), you can merit an invitation to my private adult baby nursery in Oakland or even a discreet age play outing.

You can be stripped of the trappings of adulthood and put back into thick, crinkly diapers, a printed onesie, baby mitts, and even booties! For those age players, Littles, sissies, and diaper lovers who enjoy the darker corner of the nursery, I offer domestic discipline, spanking, enemas, and other creative punishments with nursery restraints, pacifier gags, and more.

💖💋🍼Live your regression fantasy with your teasing ABDL Mommy🍼💋💖

What is Mommy Penny Barber Like?

I am feminine, controlling, seductive, and strict–everything that an adult baby could hope for in an ABDL Mommy.

TinyStarsStyle I like wearing lingerie and robes or pin up style dresses in session. If you have a request for a type of attire, you can make it when you apply for a session. My wardrobe also includes fetish items, like latex and leather, boots, and costumes and uniforms. I do enjoy playing as a fetish Mommy!

TinyStarsExperience I’ve been active in the Dominant-submissive lifestyle since 2003, when I turned 18. I’ve written two books on age play and diaper fetishism: The Age Play & Diaper Fetish Handbook and, more recently, The Big Book for Littles. My ABDL website,, has been running in some form or another since the early 2000s.

TinyStarsLimits My limits are: no sex, no scat play, no competitive wrestling, no Roman showers. I will respect all of your limits and expect you to respect mine. I want us both to have a lovely time and be eager to see one another again.

TinyStarsStrict I have high expectations for behavior. You won’t meet them. Not to worry, though! I’ll certainly enjoy correcting your behavior. You may or may not enjoy learning to behave as a proper young man, adult baby, or widdle sissy. Failure to meet my demands will result in discipline and I have, oh, so many deliciously cruel toys to punish you with! Spanking implements, predicament bondage restraints, embarrassing outfits–I find uses for them all!

Why Did Penny Barber Become an ABDL Mommy?

My favorite thing about diapers is probably that they’re embarrassing. I like how something so simple can make you blush and focus entirely on the thick, padded bulge between your legs. Suddenly you can’t just go out–or if you do, you have to worry about being caught. It’s even better if your diaper is soaking wet! I’ll laugh as I hold your hand through it all–if you’re good.

But I’m also a fetishist, which is why I prefer diapers that are especially crinkly, plasticy, and cute. My favorites are probably the Bambino Teddy diapers, which I try to keep stocked at all times. Other Bambino diapers, specifically the Bellissimo and Classico are close seconds. I enjoy Bambino Bianco diapers when I’m diapering you in my nurse persona as part of a medical fetish scene. I also sometimes stock Mollicare Super Plus Briefs. The were the first “luxury diaper” that I tried and I still enjoy using them immensely!