You may be aware that I got my start in the fetish world as an adult actress and model. I still model regularly for other people, but I especially enjoy orchestrating my own photoshoots. They are very expensive, so I can only a do a few every year, but they are extremely fun!

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with a few professional playmates. One especially sweet little sissy took it upon herself to finance photoshoots as a sort of gift to me. We had a lovely time and got some lovely pictures. I would very much like  to do something like this with an adult baby playmate–boy or sissy girl.

Would you like to do a photoshoot with Mommy and her female photographer? I may even be able to invite a few friends over, too! (This would be part of a session, as special scenes like this one usually go to my personal little boy.) For now, you can enjoy these pictures of Mommy solo or with her other playmates.