BabyMobileThere are a few different options for us to meet: we can do an outcall session to your upscale hotel room, arrange a discreet outing to a vanilla location, attend a kink-friendly location together, or meet at the Cotton Candy Nursery in Oakland. My preference is usually to meet at the Cotton Candy Nursery, where I have all my special tools and toys.

Cotton Candy Nursery


TinyStarsCotton Candy Nursery This lovely, fluffy, Oakland nursery was outfitted and decorated specifically with adult babies in mind! Boasting adult baby-specific bondage restraints (diaper harness-baby reins combo and matching pacifier gag), a lovely inflatable crib, an adult-sized sheep skin, adult baby and sissy wardrobe, Bambino diapers, and more, this space is sure to help you fully regress and relax into Mommy’s loving care. The space is also equipped for bath- and meal-time with a full kitchen and bathroom, not to mention all the paddles and other disciplinary implements which Mommy will use to punish naughty adult babies! Little sissies may be bound on the bed and subjected to the panty mobile.

TinyStarsOutcall Want Mommy to wash you, diaper you, and put you down for bed after a long day of meetings and being a big boy? I’m happy to pack up my diaper bag and head to your upscale hotel or well-maintained private home for some playtime.

My personal play items, available upon request for outcall or incall sessions, to transform the space into an adult baby nursery:

  • Adult size changing pad
  • Adult size crib (inflatable, takes 20 minutes to blow up)BalloonBunny
  • Adult size pacifiers, clips
  • Adult size sippy cups, baby bottles, dishes
  • Baby books
  • Baby lotion, baby wash, bubble bath, scrubby, rubber ducky
  • Baby mobile
  • Bambino diapers, liners
  • Chastity device (pink silicone or CB6000)
  • Cloth diapers, plastic pants, diaper pins
  • Cloth training pants
  • Coloring books, crayons, play dough, games, stuffed animals
  • Diaper harness and baby reins combo
  • Diaper rash cream, baby oil,  baby powder, petroleum jelly
  • Enema equipment
  • GoodNites training pants
  • Large alphabet play mat
  • Onesies, mitts, booties, feetie jammies, dresses, sailor suit, uniforms, Mary Jane shoes, bonnets, baby bracelets
  • Pacifier gags
  • Restraints for adult babies and sissies
  • Spanking paddles, canes, and other implements of discipline

TinyStarsPublic Play (Vanilla) San Francisco is age play kingdom! I know all the fun little spots for kids-at-heart and would love to show you the age play side of my city in our many fun museums, restaurants, carousels, play spots, and more! Keep in mind that outings like this need to be discreet and respectful of others. This Mommy sees polite, considerate adult babies only! All travel must be arranged via taxi (Uber or Lyft) and is paid for by Mommy’s little angel. (I.e. you!)

TinyStarsPublic Play (Kink-Friendly) There are numerous play parties that happen each month that are welcoming of age players. Even if there seems to be absolutely nothing going on, we can always be out and about at Wicked Grounds, a local kinky coffee shop and cafe that has a special menu just for adult babies, Littles, and other age players!