How might I punish you? Well, that depends on what you’ve done, your limits, and what you reveal about the best way for me to punish YOU, my special snowflake! Here’s a selection of possibilities. Or perhaps you’ll suggest something new and exciting!



Bondage Not only to I have a myriad of straps, cuffs, cages, and locking plastic pants to control your every movement, I’m also a trained rigger. I think that my favorite piece of bondage equipment is probably my full diaper harness, complete with baby reins. It’s an innocent, white leather and even locks on. I’ll leave the key right here, on this hook. Too bad you’re wearing those baby mitts. I could put this key right in your little hand and you’d still never be able to get it off. Or perhaps I’ll wear it on a chain around my neck, so that you can watch it glinting in the light as I feed you your bottle.

TinyStarsCBT Does that hurt? It always amazing me that men seem to think something so delicate gives them strength. Not only does it betray you at every possible turn, it’s so ridiculously sensitive! I’m barely even hitting it and you’re squirming all over the place! It’s like a little joystick that I can use and abuse in order to control you.

TinyStarsCorner Time You’ll stay in that corner until I tell you to come back out. And I’m going to be sure that you’re thinking about what you’ve done. Perhaps I’ll put you into some predicament bondage. Or perhaps I’ll just sit here and play with myself to see if you really did learn that lesson about privacy. I sure hope that you don’t wet your diaper while you’re standing there. That would be so uncomfortable for you! It would be quite amusing for me, though.

TinyStarsDiapering You were misbehaving again? I’m beginning to think that you like these diapers–these thick, crinkly, soft, embarrassing diapers. And you get a little stuffy every single time you’re in them! That’s very interesting. Maybe we’ll have to try something to make these diapers feel a little more punitive…like a plug for that cute little tushy.

TinyStarsElectroshock Treatment Zap! What was that? I can’t hear you. Zap! You’re v-v-v-very s-s-s-sorry? And you promise never to wet your bed again? Zap! I’d like to believe you, but I think that maybe you just don’t like the electricity flowing through your widdle thingie. Zap! No, I don’t think that I can trust you. But do you know what I can trust? Your tears and that diaper. Zap! Zap!

TinyStarsEnemas As the water fills you up, you know that I truly do control every inch of you. Mommy knows best and I want a clean boy, inside and out. You get so squirmy when I’ve filled you all up. How long are you going to last before you have to embarrass yourself?

TinyStarsForced Regression You might think that you’re a big, strong man, but there’s something in my voice that triggers you back to being a widdle baby at his Mommy’s feet. There are so many privileges that you can loose. I do love me some forced regression. You can fight it as long as you can, but eventually those diapers are going to get to you and you’ll look up at me to realize that you’re completely helpless and vulnerable. Sometimes it’s just easier to start over from the beginning. Let’s see if you get to be a big boy ever again.

adult baby cloth diapers
Mommy normally uses disposable diapers, but is also proficient with good old fashioned cloth diapers, plastic pants, and pins.


Humiliation You look so previous when you blush. And don’t pretend that you don’t like the attention. We both know that you do. Perhaps I’ll take a few pictures and post them to my Twitter account? Or my blog, or my FetLife profile–or all three! Just imagine how much attention you’ll be getting then.

TinyStarsHypnosis My soft voice relaxes you, giving you permission to regress and be the sweet little baby that you want to be. You find yourself accepting your Little self, your diapers, your place as my baby–everything. It feels so good to let go and experience true vulnerability. If you can trust me just a little bit, you can start to live your fantasies.

TinyStarsMaid Training Do you know why my nursery is so spotlessly beautiful? Because I have little sissy maids like you to clean it! I like tasks to be accomplished in a very specific way. Just because I’m relaxing here with a glass of wine that you’ve procured and decanted for me doesn’t mean that I’m not watching you. Every  little slip up is noted. You’ll know exactly what you did incorrectly later as I punish you. Once you’ve been thoroughly chastised, perhaps you’ll be allowed to assist me in getting dressed for dinner or worship my beautiful feet and heels.

TinyStarsMedical Examination You’ve been wetting the bed again? Oh my. Well, for now I’ll write you a prescription for diapers. I can teach you exactly how to wear them and how to change them. But first, you’ll need an exam. Let’s take your temperature…

TinyStarsPublic Outings All ready to go out with Mommy? Of course you are! Now, don’t be embarrassed. I’m the only one who knows that you’re wearing a diaper–unless you have an accident. Then I’ll have to find somewhere to change you. Where should we go? The carousel? You could ride around and suck on your paci while Mommy waves to you! Or I could take you to the coffee shop and we could get you some chocolate milk for your bottle. No one minds if I’m feeding you! That’s what Mommies do for their little adult babies.

TinyStarsSissification You look so cute in your diapers! But I think you need something else, too. Maybe…a big pink bow…and a pretty little dress…and some sweet ruffled ankle socks…ooh! And a pretty, pink plug for your widdle bottom. Don’t fuss, darling! You look precious!

TinyStarsSpanking I pull you down over my knee and you feel my arm like an iron bar across your back. The first smack comes before you can even start to struggle and you feel a terrible sting in your bottom. By the fifth spank, you feel tears welling up in your eyes, but big boys don’t cry, so you hold them in. I tell you that this is for your own good, but you can feel how much I’m enjoying it, just like I can feel your own enjoyment pressed against my thigh.

TinyStarsTease & Denial Aw, you thought you were coming over here to go on a date with me? No, I don’t date little pants-wetting babies. I was just gonna play with you for a while, silly! I can’t help it if you think this is all dressed up. I always wear lingerie around the house. Are you getting a stiffy? How cute! I kinda want to tease you. What if I slip out of these panties and just sorta drop them onto it? Don’t have an accident, now. That would be a good excuse to put you back into diapers.

TinyStarsWatersports Since you wet your pants so much, you must really like pee, huh? Well, if you like it so much I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t put you in the tub and pee all over you. Open your mouth!

I look forward to enacting our own scenario that will leave you weak in the knees and me blushing with pleasure. XOXOX