What Happens in Session?

I’m asked often what will happen in session, but really that depends on how we fit together as Mommy Domme and sub. I won’t say it depends entirely on you, but it does depend on our shared interests, our chemistry, and how things fall into place when we come together. I can guarantee you that we will have a unique, memorable, and special experience. While, from looking at my site, you may think that I only play with diapered submissives who like to be punished, that’s not true. I play with people of all genders, ages, orientations, and with all sorts of desires. I would have a very different session with, say, a trans* adult baby girl who has a hard limit against discipline as opposed to a man who wants to be forcibly regressed as punishment and has a panty fetish.

I enjoy playing lots of different types of roles and seeing lots of different types of adult babies, diaper lovers, sissies, age players, Littles, ABDLs, submissives, and patients. I love connecting with new people, learning about their kinks and how their interest in diapers, discipline, and role play came into being. I’ve learned so much from my playmates over the years and I would love to learn from you, too. And I’m sure that I could teach you a thing or two about how to enjoy your diapers and regression time.

My large wardrobe is equipped for playing various roles both in street-appropriate and fetish versions. Want a 1950s Mommy? A latex nurse? A therapist who will issue a prescription for diapers as she flashes her 10-strap garter belt and crotchless panties? Of course you do–and I would love to get all dressed up for an appreciative playmate.

What happens in session also depends on our location. I may need to pack up a diaper bag in order to come see you at your hotel or to take you on an outing. Shall we go to the ice cream parlor? The aquarium? Or perhaps somewhere more adult? Mommy may have to take you to Mr. S to be fitted for a chastity device or you may serve me tea and cakes at Wicked Grounds Coffee Shop while you order off of the “adult kids” menu and play at my feet.

I have a gorgeous adult baby nursery: in Oakland, a short cab ride from BART. My nursery is well-equipped to care for and discipline you. From my custom made adult baby restraints to my adult-sized bottles and pacifiers, everything is selected and meticulously maintained to give you the ABDL experience you’ve been fantasizing about. Everything is sterilized after each use and the spaces are tidied and cleaned daily. If a nursery isn’t your scene, simply mention that you would prefer to see me in a formal dungeon or another domestic setting.

I want to see your eyes light up as your fantasy comes true down to the smallest detail!

What Does Not Happen in Session?

While I enjoy a myriad of types of play, there are some things on my “no” list. These are things that I simply don’t enjoy. I’ve tried them, and I don’t like them. Period. I only see clients who are respectful of my limitations. Violating someone’s limits is a serious offense. I wouldn’t violate yours and I expect you to respect mine. I do not engage in Roman showers, sex of any kind (though I encourage you to abuse yourself, my little wanker), scat play (no messy diapers, brown showers, etc., though I love, love, love enema play!), or competitive wrestling.

TelephoneTeddyOnce you’ve searched through my site, if you feel that you and I are well-suited to each other’s desires, you are welcome to fill out an application. First, I suggest that you read my mini FAQ below to make sure that the logistics will work out as well.

TinyStarsMy playspace is located in Oakland, but I offer outcall to the San Francisco Bay Area. All expenses must be paid for me to travel.

TinyStarsMy non-negotiable rates are $400 per hour.

TinyStarsMy minimum booking time is one hour.

TinyStarsI am available for sessions from noon to 10:00 pm daily. I require 48 hours advance notice to be available.

TinyStarsNo same-day bookings, Roman showers, competitive wrestling, sex, or scat play. (While I do enjoy enema play, no messy diapers, brown showers, etc. are allowed.)

I require a $50 deposit in order to book, applicable toward our time together.  If you are rude, disrespectful of my limits, or if you seem unsafe, I will not be able to see you.

Tips for filling out your session application:

The application asks you questions about your interests, availability, contact information–things that I need to know in order to set up a session with you. Remember that first impressions are important, so be impressively considerate, honest, and articulate!

  • PinkCircusElephantKnow a few dates and times that you are available. Be specific, but give me a few choices!
  • Check your spelling and re-read your text to make sure that it is understandable. I adore baby talk in person, but it is often impossible to understand in an application.
  • Be honest with me and yourself about your interests, experience, and limitations.
  • Do not ask for a discount. I find that to be incredibly insulting. You want me to like you, don’t you?
  • Do not ask about violating my limitations. I never see anyone who does. I’ll roll my eyes at you and move on.
  • Be forthcoming with yourself. I do not offer phone bookings (I’m a busy lady) and I will check your application before we see each other. This is your way to let me get to know you. Think of it as a cross between a personal ad and a virtual first date. We will have some time to talk before we actually play.

Session étiquette and tips:

  • Be one time, not early or late! If you are running late, send me a text to let me know. If you are early, please wait patiently somewhere out of the way. There are coffee shops nearby if you are very early. (Don’t show up with coffee breath! Get some  weak tea or, better yet, a bottled water or juice. All the better to wet your diaper, right?)
  • If you are coming to do a heavy wetting session, try to drink a lot of juice. Water is good, too, but juice will replenish your electrolytes. Room-temperature liquids go through your system most quickly.
  • Do not loiter in front of the building for any reason!
  • If you are seeing me in San Francisco, show up with some extra time to find parking. Ten to fifteen minutes should be sufficient.
  • Be freshly showered. If we are doing anal play, be freshly cleaned out with a plain water enema. (Do not use the solution that comes with a Fleet enema or castile soap or any other additive. Just plain water.)
  • Have your session donation already counted out and set aside so that we can get it out of the way as quickly as possible.
  • If you are unable to make your appointment, give me a call ASAP. If I do not answer, please send me a text message.


I do not travel unless someone has already booked me to travel and that happens very rarely. Often if someone does book me to travel, they demand all of my time while I’m there. If you would like to book me in your city in the U.S. (I am not currently interested in traveling out of the country), here’s what you need to pay for at the bare minimum:

  • My airfare
  • My hotel room
  • A minimum of four hours of my time ($1,600)

It’s expensive, no? I usually suggest that you save up and come to see me for an hour or two if that’s out of your budget. I require at least a four hour booking because of the time spent traveling.

If you are curious about what a Disneyland age play and diaper fetish trip might be like, I made a short video about my last trip. You can see the converted hotel room, hear me talk about what sorts of things I did with my little boy to decide if this is a fantasy that you would like to live out for yourself!



I will require a $50 deposit in the form of an Amazon.com gift card immediately, so be sure to include all your information. The deposit goes towards our time together. It is not refundable. It may only be transferred in the event of my unavailability.

Apply for a Diaper Discipline or ABDL Role Play Session